Made it to Madrid!
July 29, 2013
Megan’s in Munich!
August 1, 2013
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Churros and Technical Difficulties

In life there are sweet moments and there are not so sweet moments; in the last two days Megan has had one of each. Monday for the most part was a day off for Megan. Other than preparing for her meetings she didn’t have a lot of Pharmalogics business on her plate so she took the time to intellectually enlighten Maddy and Bailey at some of Spain’s most precious spaces. They visited the Reina Sofia Museaum of Modern Art, Retiro Park, and San Gines, the famous churros bar .

On Tuesday things were not quite as sweet…

The meetings at Johnson & Johnson and BMS went very well. J&J wants to try Pharmalogics anti-fee model sometime within the next month, and BMS is very excited to learn more about our European expansion.

The not so sweet part of Tuesday circles around the fact that technology is something that helps the world go round but when it goes wrong, everything goes wrong. First, Megan’s phone, the replacement one, came in late. As result, the whole family had to stay in the apartment for most of the day. When it finally arrived the driver demanded $50 and would not give a receipt! Then WIFI went down at the apartment, Megan couldn’t connect to the public WIFI while out on meetings, and lastly, her credit cards kept getting rejected! Eric had to run to an ATM to pay for her cab ride home, and all she had for lunch was a tiny tuna empanada!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!


Some pictures from Monday and Tuesday:

Which would you rather be, a big fish in a small pond or a little fish in a big pond?

Bailey being intellectually stimulated