Business in Basel
July 23, 2013
The Adventure Continues
July 25, 2013
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Today Megan visited Lonza for a couple of meetings. She had a successful meeting with the Global Head of Staffing. He had wonderful advice as to building an office in Basel.

After their meeting Megan spent some time looking at potential office space and walking around the city. As result of her travels around Basel she has decided to do a write up about living and working in Basel. This will be wonderful as more and more projects develop in Basel as recruiters and project managers will have information to give to prospective hires about living and working in Switzerland!


On another note, today was Megan’s son’s birthday! Pharmalogics sends Bailey a shout out on such an exciting day! He’s certianly lucky to spend his birthday in Basel with the people who love him most!

Happy Birthday Bailey!


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