Megan’s in Munich!
August 1, 2013
On to Lucerne!
August 7, 2013
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Munich and back to Basel and the HEAT!!

The meetings in Munich went well for Megan. She visited the Sandoz corporate offices and visited The Medicines Company. While she met with HR and hiring managers the children and Eric visited the Munich Zoo. Thankfully, in spite of the heat the Germans were super nice and incredibly helpful.

While in Munich, Megan and her family stayed at the Munich City Hilton. The hotel was delightfully accommodating and a cool change to the roasting air conditioner-less apartment in Basel.

On Sunday, Megan and her bunch left Munich to return to Basel by train. The ride took about 5 hours and according to Megan it was stiflingly HOT. Everything about Basel is hot right now. Last night at 10:30pm Megan said the indoor temperature in their apartment was 90 degrees! Apparently per Basel city regulations it’s against the law to have an air conditioner in one’s home! Megan said she spent about an hour visiting six different stores looking for a fan to attempt to cool the apartment. Strangely enough, she couldn’t find a single one!

Regardless of the heat Megan has been thriving in her BD meetings. On Monday Megan met with Roche and Acino in Basel. Both of the meetings were successful and will most likely result in work for us in the next year.

As always, please continue to follow Megan on her blog and check out our website to stay up to date on all Pharmalogics news.