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January 15, 2018
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January 30, 2018
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PharmaLogics Hosts 4th Quarter Development Meeting with Karaoke!

Once again PharmaLogics Recruiting has put on another fantastic development meeting, this time featuring karaoke! With PharmaLogics being in a growth mode we feel that it is important to take the time review the company’s progress, future direction, and overall highlights that took place over the past 90 days. Our development meetings have become an integral part of our business and it also allows our team to relax and have some fun all while singing along to some great tunes.

During our development meetings, we cover three topics: how we performed as an organization over the past quarter, presentations of individual and team awards, and we establish goals and objectives for the upcoming quarter. We strive to bring variety to our development meetings. Previous meetings we have had cooking contests, beer tastings, participated in community service events, and we even had a visit from a local acupuncture therapist! Our quarterly development meetings always represent our attitude of “Work Hard, Play Hard.”

Last week we held our Quarter 4 development meeting, which exhibited a few team members showing off their karaoke skills and a few surprise, to say the least! Along with food, music, and laugh,s we also reviewed our successes for the past quarter and covered what our company goals and plans are for the upcoming 90 days. Our Development meetings are just a snapshot of our company culture. If you are interested in learning more or joining our organization head over to our careers pages!


The group hearing about individual and team awards!

Getting ready for the next singer!

Teamwork and collaboration at its finest!