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April 24, 2018
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May 10, 2018
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PharmaLogics Hosts Quarterly Development Day

Every quarter, PharmaLogics Recruiting hosts a development day that highlights the company’s progress, achievements, and plans for the next 90 days. Last Thursday we took the afternoon to go over some new training material, discussed our achievements, and we celebrated a handful of promotions with tacos and a few cervezas from a local Taqueria! Our development meetings over the past few years have grown into a time where we have the ability to intermingle, celebrate, and relax while recapping the quarter.

With PharmaLogics being in a growth mode, we were extremely happy to announce that we had 20 internal promotions throughout the first quarter! That correlates to 27% of our entire staff being promoted! This is largely attributed to our training and development team as they do a fantastic job training our new employees and setting them up with a foundation for success.

In addition to the 90-day training period that new recruiters go through, we also offer continuing education programs for all of our team members such as monthly lunch and learns, quarterly development days, and leadership classes. At PharmaLogics, we choose to invest in our employees as we feel our success is a direct representation of their hard work. New for Quarter II is a study called ProHabits that we will be participating in for the next few months, which will attempt to prove the connection between personal growth and organization success. More to come on this next week! Overall, the development day was a huge success and we look forward to what the next 90 days will bring! If you are interested in learning more or joining our organization, head over to our careers page!



Getting ready to recap the past 3 months!

This line was worth the wait!

Mini burritos from a local taqueria!