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July 19, 2013
July 23, 2013
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Business in Basel

After melting through the heat of the weekend in Basel, Monday morning brought a sweet reprieve for Megan Driscoll; Monday signaled the start of BD meetings in Basel. First thing in the morning Megan and Eric prepared Maddy and Bailey for their first day of European Football camp.  Then shortly after the kids were dropped off at camp Megan visited Novartis for a few business meetings. According to Megan, the Novartis campus in Basel is just breathtaking. The campus consists of an assortment of architecturally unique buildings spread out along one main road. On Monday Megan spent most of her day in Novartis’ Ghery building. The building was completed in 2009 by world renowned architect Frank Ghery and his talented team. After her meetings, Megan traversed the campus and did some people watching. She quickly discovered Novartis employees are encouraged to stay on campus for lunch; as result there are a number of fabulous restaurants and cafes where coworkers can mingle and enjoy a bite of food.

In the afternoon Megan returned home to the apartment just in time to capture Maddy and Bailey walk in the door from camp. They were exhausted but loved every minute of camp! Apparently to their delight and surprise the camp consists of a large number of Americans and British children, and it’s actually considered an English soccer camp in Basel. Thankfully Maddy and Bailey can easily communicate with all their new camp friends.

Last night after a nice dinner Megan and her bunch walked down to the Rhine River to enjoy some ice cream and start celebrating Bailey’s 5th Birthday! (Can you imagine celebrating your 5th birthday in Basel?!)

Stay tuned and up to date with all the European BD trip activities here and on Megan’s blog .

The soccer studs returning home

Ghery Building


Enjoying ice cream

The rest of this week is going to be crazy busy as Megan has meetings at Lonza and Roche and she has to search for an appropriate office space in Basel for a long-term office. Additionally, on Thursday check in to see what happens when Senior Recruiter Trevor and Megan meet up in Paris!

Imagine coming home to this every day!